Stephanie Wehrung

Web-Multimedia-Video-Photo-Graphic Design

Simply stated, I like to create amazing things. Whether this is a Lego mansion when I was 5 or a personal international multimedia project website as an undergraduate at the University of Miami, I always aim to create something innovative, impactful and unique.

Technology is developing quickly in wondrous ways and I love contributing to this process. In everything I do, I strive to utilize the most recent technology in order to make web sites and other products revolutionary.

As a current front-end web developer/Senior web developer, I enjoy using my unique past experiences in multimedia production, international work, and professional entertainment industry to augment current projects. Additionally, I look forward to any opportunities that would add to these experiences and further expand my work in web development.

Please click on the image tiles to view my work, and feel free to contact me to learn more.

Web and Multimedia

Photo and Design